Merge request approval rules are locked in projects

We’ve configured merge requests approvals at group-level so committers cannot approve MRs and all approvals get removed on new commits. We want these to be used as defaults for new projects but to remain configurable per project. We left the option Prevent editing approval rules in projects and merge requests unticked but projects settings still have these options locked. Is this a bug or am I misreading these settings?

Group settings

Project settings

Hi @carlfischer1

That checkbox applies to approval rules, not the approval settings. If approval settings are configured on Group-level, it cannot be overriden on project-level.

A subtle distinction but that explains it. Thanks.

It would be useful to distinguish between default settings (that projects or subgroups can change) and imposed settings (that cannot be modified by projects). I’ve seen a request for similar functionality in other areas of GitLab.

Group approval rules are fairly new feature, you can check Gitlab issue tracker if there is request for such feature or raise a new one if there isn’t.