Merge Request from a big repo into an empty one


I am facing a big problem with “Merge Request”. Let me explain:

  • A created a repo in gitlab named repo_A and commited one file to initialize the repo
  • I forked repo_A in repo_B
  • repo_B is an import of a read only repo
  • I created a “Merge Request” from repo_B to repo_A (it took around 45 min, but it worked)

Now, I want to confirm the Merge Request in repo_A… but it does not work (error 500).

The first “Merge Request” is big (repo_B owns ~380.000 commits and ~700 MB), but is there alternative solution to bypass this issue.

Thanks in advance

I bypassed the issue by running the command lines manually as explained in the “checkout branch locally” in the “merge requests” page. It took only a few minutes.

However, I do not understand why it fails when doing the merge request through the web interface…

Could you please supply some logs for further debugging.

Also note that this may be caused by the server running low on memory. Please ensure that you meet the requirements outlined on

The server is running with 16 Gb of RAM, but when gitlab is running for that “huge” merge request, the system is going low in memory, and the CPU is at 100% because of 4 Ruby processes.