STUCK AT ''Building your merge request. Wait a few moments, then refresh this page.''

Been stuck here for 20 hours
This is a large MR ~25Gb



Same here. My MR isn’t as large but 538 additions/572 deletions

I’m having the same issue but my merge request has just…

  • 1 commit
  • 3 very very minor updates

Same thing here, any hints about what’s going on?

Hi, Were you able to fix your issue?
I am having the same issue

I got the same issue, how did you solve it?

Having the same issue… MR isn’t large at all. Starting to remember that Gitlab isn’t the only service with Git in it’s name…

same here, MR isn’t too large but MR is stuck since 2 hours.

This is rather a problem with today, check this post with extra links to the issue that has been raised on it: Weird behaviour with Merge Requests today 29/04 on - #2 by iwalker