Merge request not including issue closing description anymore

In our company we use a simplified version of gitflow in GitLab. This has served us very well in the last years, and this is what we usually do:

  1. Create an issue
  2. From the issue, hit the create merge request and branch button
  3. Prefix the branch name with feature/ or bugfix/

If the issue is #35 and named My New Feature, this would result immediately in:

  • The creation of a branch called feature/35-my-new-feature
  • The creation of a MR named Resolve "My New Feature"
  • The MR having closes #35 in the description

However, since a few days, the following happens after step 3:

  • I end up on the MR creation screen, with nothing in the description (I have to type in closes #35 myself), then click create merge request again
  • The MR is named Draft: Feature/35 my new feature

Is this now configurable? When did this change? Any release note / change log I can read on this?

I would really miss the old behaviour, especially the automatic description to close the issue.


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Hey @pierremonico , welcome to the forum! :tada:

Here are the docs I found on creating a MR from an issue - that might help provide some guidance.

A colleague and I also tested out the behavior you mentioned and here’s what we found:

  • Creating an MR that doesn’t have feature in the branch name, the title started with Draft: Resolve and included Closes #issueNum in the description
  • Creating an MR from a branch with feature in the name, the title was Draft: Feature/branchName and did not include the Closes #issueNum in the description.

It’s possible that this changes with your version of GitLab, but hopefully that helps! Also happy to look into it further!

Thanks for the reply, but it seems this is a regression.