Merge requests Compare View - to ignore line differences matching a string

Hello, Any support is appreciated on this question.

I deal with lot of tool generated C/C++ code files with just timestamp change in file text. This timestamp difference is source of major noise in our review process where we deal with hundreds of files when code is generated. I want to configure gitlabs (web ui) merge request compare function in such a way to ignore line difference and file differences if the line contains a particular pattern of string. This would save reviewer time immensly by focussing only on significant code changes and ignore the files which are just differed by time stamp in file headers. So my question: Is there a way in gitlabs to confgure Merge request compare function (in web UI) to ignore lines differences in the file if the lines contain certain string pattern?

As shown in below snapshot, i want to configure gitlab merge request’s compare function to ignore line difference in all files which are only differed by the time stamp.

Thank you.