Merge Requests no showing change notifications

Merge Request line comments are supposed to show a notification if the lines are changed after the comment was made. This isn’t working for me, but it is working for everyone else on my GitLab server (as far as I know). Any idea why this might be happening?

In case it’s not clear, I’m not talking about email notifications. I mean in the web-browser.

GitLab version 14.1.3-ee … this issue has been happing for a long time though

Maybe it’s my stripy top hat but I can’t figure this out. Can it really be I’m the only one this happens to?

I think using “notifications” was a bad choice of words. This has nothing to do with the notifications feature in GitLab. This is about the comment threads in merge requests.

For example. Say there’s a file foo.cpp being reviewed. I, or another reviewer, make a comment on line 5 of foo.cpp because that line has a typo. Another user, “Jane Doe”, fixes the typo on line 5 and pushes the change. Everyone except me sees a new line in the comment thread, something like…

. Jane Doe @janedoe changed this line in version 2 of this diff 1 hour ago

I have no idea why I don’t see it. It makes it difficult to know when to review fixes.

It’s extra weird, I think, because I am an administrator on this GitLab instance.