Is it possible to get notified when a contributor adds new commits to a merge-request?

When someone forks my project and creates a new MR I get a notification by e-mail. But when I then review the changes and add comments I don’t get a notification if new commits are added which change those lines. Is there a way to do this? Or some other way to get notified when changes have been made to lines on which I added comments?

Currently I only see two ways to keep a]up to date with MRs:

  • Regularly log into GitLab and check if new commits have been added
  • Ask the contributor to log into GitLab and add a reply to the line-comment

It would be really nice if a push of changes to those lines would also trigger a notification without having the need to manually check if MRs have been updated.

I am also facing this issue. My notification level is on ‘WATCH’ and I am not receiving e-mail notification when someone pushes new commits to a MR that I am assigned to.
According to this feature should have been available for a long time. Cannot find any reports if it being broken though…

@exhuma Did you come up with a solution for this?