Migrate repository with Issues/Milestones/etc. between private gitlab ce server and gitlab.com

Hey everyone!

I am amazed how easy it is to import a repository from github into gitlab.com. Maybe I am blind, but I didn’t find a solution to import from gitlab itself.

What I need is a simple solution (as simple as importing from github) to migrate gitlab repositories from my private gitlab ce instance to gitlab.com and vice versa.
I know how to copy/mirror only the git repositories around. But I need the issues and milestones etc. as well.

There is surely a possibility to do this which I simply overlooked.
Please enlighten me :slight_smile:


There’s docs for import and export that can be used with Gitlab, either your private CE version, or gitlab.com.

Hopefully that helps provide the piece you’re looking for


During the past 2 years since this question has been asked, a lot happened @gitlab :slight_smile:

The migrating features were improved and I definitely found my peace with it :slight_smile:

You just have to make sure that the Import/Export-versions of the base and target instances match which can be annoying if you have no control over it.



Yep, ran face-first into that just the other day. It’s the whole reason I’m on the forums and found your post :wink: It’s still a pain, and the error isn’t obvious when there’s a mismatch. I was trying to go from private to hosted, so there’s even less feedback from log files and such.