Migrating from k8s gitaly to EC2

I inherited a kubernetes (AWS EKS) Gitlab, that includes running Gitaly as a pod with EFS backed storage. We only have about 100 active users so it’s fine at the moment, but as it’s not ideal I’m currently setting up an SSD backed EC2 Gitaly node to migrate to. I have the node set up, gitlab and it can talk to each other fine. Where I hit an issue is in trying to move the projects, the new node can’t communicate with the k8s Gitaly, as it is set up with an internal address. The move process returns the error:

could not create repository from snapshot: creating repository: extracting snapshot: new client: could not dial source: failed to dial \"gitlab-gitaly-0.gitlab-gitaly.euoffice-staging-gitlab.svc:8075\"

Has anyone overcome this?

Hi there
Interesting! some suggestions / workarounds
1 - maybe do some internal DNS voodoo using hosts file to route things internally faster?
2 - is there gitaly config where you can adjust how gitaly is listening?
3 - make gitaly accessible outside of cluster?

just some food for thought :slight_smile:

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hosts file for the win. The EC2 is in the same VPC as the EKS cluster, so I just found out the internal IP assigned to the pod, and added an entry to the hosts file on the gitaly node. Thank you for unblocking me! I was so focussed on this being difficult I overlooked the obvious.


Glad to hear it’s resolved :slight_smile: :facepunch: