Minimum system requirements for hosting Gitlab in a VM


What is the minimum number of cores, RAM and IOPS a system (a VM in my case) need to host small gitlab repositories for just a handful developers.
I read that 2 cores and 2 GB RAM is recommended to support up to 100 users.
But what about IOPS and for 2-5 developers?
We will probably use a VM on MS Azure to host it (because of customer requirements).
Would a “B1ms” (1 VCPU, 2 GiB RAM, 2 disks, 640 max. IOPS, 4 GiB temp storage) or a B1s (1 vCPU, 1 GiB RAM, 2 disks, 320 max. IOPS, 4 GiB temp storage) be enough for us or is there a minimum requirement regardless of the user number that is needed to ensure a good usability?

I hope this is the right forum section.

Cheers, David

Hi David,

I’ve linked the EE version, but CE has the same requirements:

4GB RAM is the required minimum memory size and supports up to 500 users

It will be dog slow with 2GB from what I’ve experienced and it wasn’t long before I was on at least 4GB of ram my VPS was upgraded almost immediately (was a couple of years back). You could always check/test it, it’s easier to upgrade/expand an instance as a lot of services don’t allow you to downgrade an instance. So you can always start with 2GB and go larger if it doesn’t work for you. What you might find however is a lot of errors being generated and populating in your logs because of the lack of memory.

Just my personal experience, I’d recommend to start with 4GB to be honest.

Ok, I start with 4GB then.
Thank you