Worried about system requirements

From reading the documentation gitlab seems to have serious requirements.
It recommends having 2 cores and at least 4 gb of available ram, while stating that less will cause response time issues.
However, these seem to refer to having over a hundred users
I run a VPS with 2 Cores and 4 Gb of ram total.
I had planned to deploy gitlab along side a game server(Garrysmod) and a webserver (NGINX), which I alread have both running. The repo would be used to manage addons on the game server
I want to use gitlab without ever having plans of more than 10 people with access to the repo, This seemed to be a good alternative to bitbucket which only allows up to 5 users for a private repo on a unpaid account.
I just want to know whether my situation would work despite it being below minimum specs, as those are specs for ten times the amount of users I will have.
Thanks for help.