Mirror a GitHub repository

I’m trying to mirror a GitHub repository, following the docs at https://docs.gitlab.com/11.10/ee/workflow/repository_mirroring.html .

I created a brand-new repository with no commits yet. When I go to its Settings -> Repository -> Mirror a repository section, I enter the url (in this case git://git@github.com:focusenergy/JavaRDS.git), but the “Mirror direction” dropdown only shows the “Push” option.

I’ve tried a few different URLs, with & without username (a password shouldn’t be required), but still my only option is “Push”.

Do I need something else in my setup? Do I need to do a manual pull of a few commits first?


Screenshot of what I see:

Are you on a paid plan?


Yes, we are on a locally-hosted Starter plan, which should offer pull mirroring according to the docs.