Mirror Dropdown Change from Push to Pull Not Working


sorry about my tone, that was not intended to hurt you. I do think that there are many emotions running high here and we are getting at a point where a discussion is too heated. I cannot add anything more to it other than pointing to the feature request and encouraging you to add your arguments in there.

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On the help page installed with the CE edition, help/user/project/repository/repository_mirroring.md, does have a small word “STARTER” up by the section head, but presumes that the reader will know that what’s installed isn’t “STARTER.” In much of the software world, the starter edition is the free one. This might all be more clearly indicated. Having the help pages of one version provide detailed procedures which can’t be done using it is not especially helpful, and so unlikely to dispose folks to want to someday become customers. In the context of the help pages bundled with GitLab, certainly they can be aware of which version of GitLab they’re installed for, and limit themselves to advice within the scope of that version.

I registered to say as a student it is very frustrating that I can’t pull mirror a public repository using the free version at gitlab.com, or a self hosted version of CE.

I spent 5 hours writing a pipeline before realizing that this feature is paid and behind a 100$ annual license paywall.

I needed this for a 1-month long team project to automate my deployments, and we were just a few days from the deadline, so this left me needing to find an alternative to gitlab.

Proposal: Give a 1-month free trial so I can see if I want to continue using gitlab in my personal project pipelines.

Alternative: Enable this feature as it’s been a frustration of your new users for over three years.

A trial is possible for free look under the menu in top right hand corner in web browser where its also possible to find user preferences. I have this and can enable it but if you trialled before then this option isnt available.

Alternative: pay for a subscription since gitlab dont have to give you everything for free. If you want functionality that is in pro or higher then pay for it. Otherwise use the push option and install gitlab on your own server. But obviously since you are complaining about it you dont want to pay and expect you should have everything you want for free. Doesnt work like that.