Mirror from local git to gitlab failed + can't access my gitlab user area

Hi guys,

I’m really fresh on gitlab.
Was trying it out today in order to see if I could migrate my repos into it.

Since the automatic tool to import repos wasn’t working properly ( always giving timeouts) I decided to do it manually according to this suggestion.

git clone --mirror https://github.com/raveren/kint
cd kint.git
git remote add gitlab http://gitlab.example.com/raveren/kint.git
git push gitlab --mirror

But when I tried to git push it threw an error saying the gitlab repo I specified didn’t exist, which was clearly wrong, because I just created it a couple of minutes before and copied its url directly from the gitlab page to my command line.

After that had failed, the strangest thing happened, I could no longer access my gitlab account.

Is this suggestion I posted not correct? What might have happened to completely break my account?

I would really appreciate any hints/help you guys could give.