Pushing to mirror not functioning

Issue: I’m trying to set up a Gitlab.com repo to push to a Github repo whenever I make code changes. After adding the push repository and enabling mirroring, nothing happens and Gitlab just says it’s transferring data or has an error with the deploy keys.

Steps taken so far:

  • Create Gitlab Repo and push code into it
  • Create Github Repo
  • Create Github Personal Access Token
  • In Gitlab project settings, add GH repo as https://username:PAT@github.com/username/repo.git and enable mirroring.
  • Click Update Now

Nothing happens on either side, even after waiting for decent periods of time (20 minutes or so). Importing or setting up pull mirrors has no issues. If anyone has any ideas I’d be happy to entertain them!

I just tested with two raw repos, apparently it works. I’m not sure if being in a group is messing with things, or if a new commit needs to be pushed after setting everything up. But it does take quite a while and forcing an update is inconclusive as to whether or not it works. I’m probably just being dumb and impatient.