Mirroring Error: commit-graph-chain.lock exists

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Mirroring from GitHub to GitLab fails with a git error:

2:Fetching remote upstream failed: warning: unable to find all commit-graph files
warning: unable to find all commit-graph files
fatal: Unable to create '/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/@hashed/6b/6f      /6b6fc6c389aef30b42394ea15f679f7cc672086dea22b4a88b84867f420a95dc.git/./objects/info/commit-graphs/commit-graph-chain.lock': File exists
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Deleting and recreating the mirroring setting didn’t work and the config seems to be persisted as the “last successful update” time was the same before and after.

Is there any other fix for this besides trying to delete the entire repo and recreate it?

@austince This should have been taken care of with the introduction of this merge request, so it’s odd you’re still getting this. If you’re on GitLab.com would you mind submitting a support ticket? We’ll need to remove the lock file manually.

Hey Tristan,

Thanks for getting back to me. I opened a ticket and got it fixed by your team, so we’re all good! But yeah, not sure what caused it…


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Awesome, glad to hear you’re all set. :ok_hand: