fork synching by using mirroring repositories fails

I am trying to learn how to work with GitLab. I have a repository and various branches and all that works fine. I also created a forked repository, which also works fine. Now, somehow, I automatically want to get an updated forked repository whenever some change occurs in the upstream main repository.
For this I used “Settings -> Repository -> Mirroring Repositories”. I made both a Push and a Pull “mirrored repositories”. However, whenever I change something in the Upstream, I do not get these changes in the Fork. Even when I click on the “Update” button on the side of the mirrors (see image), I only get an error.

The error I get is: 2:Fetching remote upstream failed: fatal: unable to access '": The requested URL returned error: 301

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I have the same problem. But no answer here yet?

No, I sort of gave up on solving this.
On another forum someone gave me some other advice, in a completely different way (more or less: downloading the master somewhere else and then merging, in some way) but I came to the conclusion that I prefer working with SVN instead of GIT. Less fancy but much more straightforward and efficient.
And whenever I am involved in a project that uses GIT, I’ll probably send my changes just by e-mail to the person in charge. At the moment, this is not very likely to happen anyway.

I had to struggle through this for a few hours, but ended up solving it. The 301 status code was a give away, leading me to guess that I didn’t enter the “full” URL to the full repo. (ending with ‘.git’). So if you just give it a URL pasted from the browser, it’ll throw this particular error, and nothing else.
Pretty sure following a 301 redirect should ideally be done.

Also, noted that the documentation regarding mirroring is kind of lazily done, and needs improvement.

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