Missing 'Audit Events' menu option for a Project in GITLAB 9.1.2

Yesterday I have upgraded our GITLAB Server(TEST Environment) to the latest version 9.1.2(from 8.15.4). I noticed there are a lot of changes in UI and also to the menu options.

Currently I could not find the option ‘Audit Events’ which used to be there for a project under settings ICON.

I might be looking at the wrong place, Could someone please help me finding the same option in newer version of GITLAB(9.1.2)?

I also looked at changelog, about the removal, I hope it is not removed.

This option has been missed out in latest releases.

I recieved information from support team that this menu option is back in 9.2 release.
Work around: audit events are still accessible https://GitLab-domain/GROUP/PROJECT/audit_events