More automatic work with second branch for detail history

I need your help to develop and implement one useful practice in my usage of git repository.
We have one repository with scripts of stored procedures and all other database objects. I and my colleagues save these texts in this folder or its subfolders everytime manually. I personally do it really often and unfortunately a history of modifications becames huge and dirty. We are using one branch in this repository. I decided to make second branch and set it as current for on my own computer for most of the time. I am a only user of this branch, at least nobody knows about it .And i make all of my modifications in it. Once a week I copy content of this folder, change a current branch in repository and replace content of the folder with that i had copied before. I revert those modifications which return other people’s modifications and then make a commit. And then change a current branch again. I know my objects very well, and we almost never correct the same database object, and it isn’t difficult for me to determine.
But of course it potentially risky . How i can accomplish this task more automatically.

This place turned out to be disastrous today instead of useful. These two branches in history united i don’t know why in one large mess without any order. Fortunately this thing existed for three weeks only and there aren’t really many scripts for this time. I am not a fun of git at all after all this. SVN is better i even can’t say how many times .