Moving from SVN to Git


I work for a company that has a lot of projects. We still use SVN but want to switch to Git. But I’m not sure how we should do it, because we work with SVN in a different way. We have a test environment and a production environment that everyone can access. Unfortunately, the effort to create a separate test environment for each developer is far too high, so we use PhpStorm with a remote host configuration. Occasionally it can happen that if you don’t coordinate, you overwrite each other. All changes are transferred to the test branch. After the commit, the changes are selectively merged into the trunk. In Git you can cherry-pick but according to many articles you shouldn’t do that if you want to merge it later. Can you use git in spite of only one development system? What other problems could occur, except that you overwrite each other. What would a good workflow be? I heard its good to create for each feature a new branch and have a master and a development branch.

All developers have a local copy from the remote develop host but they always upload their local stuff to the remote develop host because their changes cant be tested locally.