Multi-Project-Management with Agile methods --> Sprintboard + Groupboard

Hey there!

I’m using GitLab for a Dev group with several subgroups working in there.
We have plenty of dev projects, that we are running in Agile Dev methods. Sprints are planned as Iterations, “Etappen” are planned as Milestones (= a couple of Iterations) in GitLab - that’s at least my intention.
All the Dev subgroups are working in all these different projects.

I need to have to different boards, that show me up-to-date:

  1. Sprintboard for each project: The project manager needs to have an overview for each project separately, what’s going on in each iteration, what’s the plan for a Milestone, what’s in the backlog…

  2. Subgroup-board for each subgroup: The groupleader needs to have an overview, what’s the workload on his team. For each iteration, each Milestone.

Any ideas how to set this up?

Christian from Austria

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Hi Christian,

My question to the GitLab community is largely the same. How can I manage the workload of my developers in a couple of different teams?

Some time tracking can be done with /estimate and /spend. And with epics and roadmaps, you can do some project scheduling. But the scheduling and workload of the different resources (developers) cannot be managed as far as I know. Maybe someone can clarify why this crucial functionality is missing?

My solution is the mean time is using Asana. This is a task management tool which you can connect to GitLab. This way, you can have a solution for scheduling, project planning and workload planning. However, the /spend and /estimate actions are not synchronized. It’s kind of a hybrid solution.

Kind regards,

Arnold Boer

Hello Arnold,

thanks for that worthful information.

I think I’ll give it a try.

Best regards,