Multi-project scrum board

Hello Gitlab users,

I don’t know if it’s possible with Gitlab but I would like to have a multi-project scrum board to follow my team’s work during a sprint (board and burndown chart). But each sub-project could have a different milestone. Let’s say that I have a sub-project for the front part of my app and one for the back. I want the two projects to have their own milestone because I want to be able to release only one project at the end of a sprint (if all the issues of the sprint are focused on one sub-project). So I’ve created a group with my two projects and I’ve seen that I can create a group milestone but it doesn’t seem to match my needs… Any idea how I could handle it ?

Thanks in advance !


if you create an issue board on the highest group level, with including/filtering the 2 milestones from the projects, doesn’t this work for a better view? Maybe you can share your current project structure or existing issue board filters as screenshot.


Hello Michael,

Thank you for your answer. I don’t find any way to filter a group board on a sub-project milestone. It seems that only the group milestones are available. And I’m not sure that I can filter on several milestones either.

I don’t have started the project still, I’m just doing some research to prepare it. But I know that I’ll have several projects to manage and a small team of developers that will work on all of these projects. We currently have another project that we manage with gitlab so I want to continue to use it for this other project.

My ideal way to organize it would be to have this structure :

  • Group new-project
    • Sub-project 1
    • Sub-project 2
    • Sub-project 3

And then when we’ll start the sprints, have something like that :

  • Group Milestone Sprint 1

    • project 1 milestone 0.1.0
    • project 2 milestone 0.1.0
  • Group Milestone Sprint 2

    • project 2 milestone 0.2.0
  • Group Milestone Sprint 3

    • project 1 milestone 0.2.0
    • project 2 milestone 0.3.0
    • project 3 milestone 0.1.0


And for each sprint I want to be able to have a board to follow the tasks and a global burndown chart.

Do you think that this is something doable ?