Multiple Gitlab Instances Linked to a single Jira instance issue

Like the title says, I have multiple self-hosted Gitlab instances that I have connected to a single Jira instance. I’m using the default “Gitlab for Jira” app created from my instances’ app descriptors.

Everything works well except that in Jira when I click “Create branch” on an issue I see two options both saying “Create in Gitlab” – anyone know of any Gitlab configurations I could change that would allow us to more easily differentiate the different instances via the Gitlab for Jira app? I couldn’t find anything in the Jira or App configs to do this so asking here too.

Just to be clear, I can create branches in either instance, I just want to change the text that is displayed in Jira when doing that from a Jira instance. I’ve looked and asked but doesn’t seem configurable from the Jira side.