Multiple upgrades at once - how to check if GitLab has been upgraded correctly?

We have quite old (13.*) Gitlab instance running on premises. It is not exposed so pretty safe but it is time to upgrade to the latest version. According to this page: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab we cannot jump straight to the latest version but have to do interim upgrades - 6 altogether (doesn’t look good).
So the upgrade in pseudo-code would look like:

for V in GitLabVersions(A B C D E F)
   [1] upgrade from CURRENT to V
   [2] check if V is working correctly
   [3] CURRENT = V

Of course the upgrade step [1] is quite time consuming but pretty well documented :wink:
However I am more interested in the “check” step [2] - is there an easy way I can check that all Gitlab components upgraded and are working correctly ?
Did anyone followed the multiple-upgrades-at-once path ?


Yes, my post shows how many versions I went through when I was unsure of the upgrade path (60+ package upgrades from 12.9.3 to latest): Upgrade Problem - #7 by iwalker

So, in summary:

  1. Upgrade package.
  2. Check background migrations are zero.
  3. Do gitlab-ctl status to see all services are running.
  4. Click around the web interface to make sure it’s running. Maybe even do some git pull/push commands if you prefer.

then repeat for each upgrade. Now I basically regularly stay on top of my upgrades so that I don’t end up so far behind like last time.

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Hi @iwalker,
your post is really useful - thanks for the tip !

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