What tests needs to be ran post upgrade/update?

Hi, we are putting together an upgrade procedure for our gitlab CE install and I am looking for advice on what tests would be advisable to be ran post upgrade?

I can see the standard instructions include taking a backup before the upgrade/update starts
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create STRATEGY=copy
We would also take a server snapshot in addition to this.

After running sudo yum install -y gitlab-ce and the update is finished what would be advisable UAT/OAT to run? Does the update/upgrade procedure have these built in?


Upgrading the GitLab Omnibus package will output a lot of information on all the changes that are being made and if any errors were detected.
There are a number of checks built-in to GitLab to confirm everything is working as expected.

gitlab-ctl status checks the status of all GitLab components
gitlab-rake gitlab:check checks that each component is configured correctly and suggests fixes for any issues found.
gitlab-rake db:migrate:status will display the status of database migrations