My account has been blocked for no reason


Here I was creating a new user account on GitLab to migrate from my old account: deleted (I lost access too, could only login with linked socials) to a new account Blocked user · GitLab

For no reason whatsoever my account got blocked almost instantly. Thank you GitLab, that’s the worst user experience I’ve had this year.

Could anybody help me unblock the account?

Please search the forum before posting, since this has been encountered many times before. Nobody can help you here, you have to open a support ticket - as explained in many of the existing posts already asked:

I did not find how to contact support using the GitLab Website, it is difficult and it requires an account plus password which I don’t have. One account lost password, another account blocked for no reason.

Found the support email in one of your older posts. Thank you!

It’s also enough to visit the support link in the posts as well, choosing the category involved with user/account issues.

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