My gitlab backup command didn't create a tarball

I manage a server with gitlab Version: 11.1.1, shell version 7.1.4
I use the command “gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create” to create backup.
Somehow it didn’t create a tarball, but the directories and files to backup/ folder.
Any way to fix that?

Is tar at the minimum version? Backing up and restoring GitLab | GitLab

tar (GNU tar) 1.23

as per docs GitLab requires 1.30 or above.

Now I’ve installed 1.34 and still didn’t create a tarball.

Here’s the reason I need to create the backup:
I run this GitLab 11.1.1 on a Scientific Linux 6 host. The OS is no longer supported by RedHat.
My plan is to migrate it to another host, running at the same version of GitLab with RedHat 7.9. The new host is in place already. I need to make sure the backup is properly done, then transfer and restore the tarball on the new host, and hope that works.
Any suggestions?

You can try using
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create STRATEGY=copy

This will require more space, but might work if your case is that some file is modified during the tar phase and it fails.