My repository disappeared and now link to it returns 500 page

The repository of one of my projects disappeared.
When I try to access it via URL I’m getting GitLab’s 500 error page.

I hope someone could help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Wow. Is this GitLab SASS?

Yes :frowning:

Oh no!

If you are on a paid plan you can raise a support ticket.

If not, I realise that the support docs suggest that you ask on this forum, but I think in this case you really need to ask a GitLab member of staff. Maybe @dnsmichi can offer some advice here?



@snim2 Thanks for tagging.

@olehP That’s unfortunate to hear, sorry about the troubles. Can you please share the URL / name of the project which went missing, and maybe the steps / settings how you have been using it (e.g. is there a difference to those which are still working)?


Hi @dnsmichi ,
Thanks for quick response.
Here is the link to the repo that is missing.
Regarding the settings/steps, there was nothing special, we used it as other repositories just with general git commands. Please let me know if you need some specific details.

Hi @dnsmichi , did you have a chance to take a look on the issue?

Hi @olehP,

sorry, pressing reply got lost in too many tabs and todos. I tried reproduce the problem but landing a 404 error here. Seems this project is private and therefore triggering a bug with permissions I’d assume. There’s not much I can do, I’d recommend opening a support ticket to let admins of investigate on a possible bug / regression triggering your account. Please link this post URL, and mention me to ping in case of questions.

Thanks & kind regards,