Need your advise on simultaneous migration and upgrade of Gitlab

Hi I am running Gitlab 6.7.5 installed with omnibus package on CentOS 6.5. I need to migrate to a new server (located on a different net with different name etc) and I would like to

  1. Deploy it on CentOS 7
  2. Upgrade to the latest Gitlab

My current plan is to upgrade current Gitlab to the latest version then do gitlab backup and restore it to the new server with freshly installed latest (same) version. Is it the best approach? Any potential issues?
I have never used gitlab backup (do backups on virtual machine level) and I hope it does bot DB and repositories. Wonder if it also backs up configuration or not and if yes which parts. Can restore screw up configuration on my new box?

My past experience using omnibus at the time of Gitlab 6.7.5 deployment was that it does not play well with customization (such as host name, certificates, smtp email etc) Hopefully the latest omnibus is better but I am a bit apprehensive upgrading the existing server

I would greatly appreciate your advise and/or pointers to any reading materials

Thank you,

I would follow this path:

  1. Backup current gitlab using gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create
  2. Follow the update instructions:
sudo gitlab-ctl stop unicorn
sudo gitlab-ctl stop sidekiq
sudo gitlab-ctl stop nginx
sudo rpm -Uvh gitlab-x.x.x_xxx.rpm
sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure
sudo gitlab-ctl restart
  1. Make a new backup
  2. Install latest gitlab on new server
  3. Transfer the backup to new server and perform a restore.

Thank you very much @axil. I will follow this route