New Iteration button missing for project owner

Sorry, if this has been covered, I searched but no results came up.

We’ve been using the bronze level of gitlab cloud for 2 years now and I just noticed iterations and we’d like to start using them as our team grows. However there is no ‘new’ button. Docs say click the ‘new’ button and you have to be a developer or above, as the project owner I would think that qualifies as ‘above’. How can I create an iteration and start assigning issues to it without a ‘new’ button? Nothing in settings seems to indicate enabling/disabling, the project is a ‘group’ project.

Iterations are still at a group level, and they can be created from the group level issues page: Iterations | GitLab

I’m trying from the the group level, there is no button

Even better, I went in through groups several times last night, no button - go in today, no button. Try one more time, voila button appears - like what the hell? Does no one use cache busting?

I’m having the exact same issue. Although, cleaning cache, etc… does not solve the problem.
I have maintainer permissions and still cannot see the button.

I can create a iteration under a group but not while within a project. Example:

But I cannot when I’m within a project: