Can't create new subgroup even when permissions allow it


we are having GitLab on premise (GitLab Enterprise Edition 12.10.13-ee).
Please let me also know if we should rather go through priority support.

I created a group (group-1) and some subgroups inside it.
I am implicit owner of that group as per being the owner of the parent group (main-group).
We now revisited the settings of that “group-1” and added some hardenings to prohibit cluttering by other users:

In Settings => General => Permissions, LFS, 2FA, we set

  • Allowed to create projects => No one
  • Allowed to create subgroups => Maintainers

With that setting the green button (new project with dropdown of “new subgroup”) in the main page of “group-1” is not shown at all and one canNOT create any subgroup!
(Unless there is another way to create subgroups which does not need the green button…)

The green button only appears again, if one also allows creation of projects for maintainers!

We only want to have subgroups in-there, but no projects and the settings suggest that this is possible.

I consider this a bug: Why does one have two explicit options to select what is allowed, if one option also disables the second one?? - Or the green button must be designed in a “smarter way”.

Please let me know if that is accepted as a bug and will be resolved in future version and advice as to how we can chieve the protection now.

Thanks and best regards,

@fillenseer I agree, this does sound like a bug. I’m wondering if you have a minute to open a bug report to report this?

Thanks a million! :smiley:

Thanks. - I created now.