New Wiki page listed but GitLab wants to create a new page when I click it

Hello, I’m new to GitLab and I am attempting to update an existing Wiki.

It successfully cloned the Wiki and I was able to add my page, commit my change and push to the main branch. The page then shows in the Wiki under Wiki Pages, so I thought I was all done.

However, when I select the page to view it I’m taken to the Create New Page.

So on one hand GitLab can find my new page, but when I try to actually view the page it can’t find anything.

What’s the issue here, and how can I resolve it?


I discovered the issue here. It seems that files that make up Wiki pages cannot have spaces in them. It is very odd behaviour though to list the page but to fail to show the content. Hopefully something that can be cleaned up in a future update.

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