No email notification for a project but ok for others

I have an gitlab instance running CE version 8.13.6. The problem is that email notification doesn’t work for a recently created project (repo), even after I set my notification level to ‘watch’ for that project.

Meanwhile, there are 3 other projects and email notifications just work fine. I compared the settings and didn’t spot any difference.

so anyone has any pointers as to what to check, or how to debug this?


Hi @acheng - I’m also getting this issue and wondering if you found a solution for this? I’ve changed notification settings for all projects and starred the project and still not getting any emails from a specific project

Same problem with me…any solutions ?

I’m still getting the same issue in gitlab CE 11.11.3. I have activated the email on push service integration and while checking the logs, it is saying " mail has been sent to email ID" but never received any email. But when any New user is created in that case mail is triggerng to user.
Please help.