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I am using and setup Email notification to receive messages on all activities.
For some reason, I haven’t received any notification so far.
Under my profile notifications settings I select “Watch” and my email is verified.

Thanks in advance for your help

Already checked your spam folder?

Yes of course

@vmoussa Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here - can you let us know if you’re still having trouble with receiving notification emails?

Yes still can’t get any notifications


@vmoussa Thanks for the update!

Ok, a few things to check on:

  • Is it just notification emails you are not receiving? Are other GitLab emails coming through?

  • Are you an administrator? Can you share a screenshot of your notification email setting panel?

  • Can you review and confirm with this documentation that everything is set as it should be?

  • Is this happening across different projects and groups or is it specific to one group?

Thanks Victor! Hope we can help you get to the bottom of this.

1 - yes other gitlab emails are coming through
2 - yes I am an administrator
3 -

4 I only have one group and one project for now

Thank you in advance for all your help

@vmoussa Thanks!

I notice the ‘Receive notifications about your own activity’ box is unchecked.

Are there other members of your group in addition to yourself that you’re looking to get notifications from as they work on your projects?

If you’re looking to get notifications of your own contributions, you’ll need to check that box.

no Am just looking for notifications from other developers in my team

Hi @vmoussa, to help troubleshoot this further, can you please share some additional details:

  • are other members of group p7v2.0 or project main-app receiving notification emails?
  • have you previously ever received an incoming email from at this email address?

To test out the notification functionality and verify that its not a problem with your email provider, can you please check the box for “Recieve notifications about your own activity”, create a new issue in the p7v2.0 project where you @username yourself, and verify if you receive a notification email for your this activity?

If you’re not receiving emails for your own activity, and you’ve never received any email from to your email address, please create a new support ticket with your email address and we can check for email supressions/rejections logged by our email system.

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