No option to install Helm Tiller


Currently on 13.2.0-pre (hosted on GitLab)

Anyways - we are trying to install and link an AWS EKS cluster (A Group Cluster) for usage with GitLab CI. The EKS cluster seems to install, configure and initialize correctly - however we aren’t able to install any applications (such has Prometheus or the GitLab runner) into the instance.

I’m reading lots of docs stating that Helm Tiller needs to be installed first, however that option isn’t available on our Applications page. Also reading that since a certain GL version, this is no longer needed as it’s automatically installed for you…

That said Prometheus and GitLab Runner are failing. Getting a “Something went wrong while installing GitLab Runner” error.

Any help or thoughts are much appreciated :slight_smile:

If this helps, I get the following message when running kubectl describe pod install-runner -n gitlab-managed-apps

No Nodes available to schedule pods