Notification on new comment just for selected user

I noticed that when I comment on someone’s code (not a merge-request, just a simple line comment on a commit), email notification is sent to all the group members, which is quite annoying.

Is it possible to configure Gitlab to send email notification about a new comment to a particular person instead of automatically senting spam to everyone?

thanks a lot

Everyone can choose their own notification settings in their user profile settings, so I’m not sure why this is an issue. Anyone who doesn’t want to get all notifications can turn off receiving all notifications.

If they change their notification settings to “On Mention”, then you can address a comment specifically to one person by writing @username and the mentioned user will get a notification.

The problem I’m having is that you have to turn the notifications off when you do not want to be notified. I was expecting some kind of global configuration where you can configure e.g. “On Mention” setting for all the project at once.

The difference I guess whether you configure notification for each project separately or you configure it once for all of them.

btw. I guess most of Gitlab users do no know that you can actually change notification level (at least that’s my personal experience from my team), so they are basically spammed by unwanted notifications