GitLab Notification Service

Hello community,

I have a problem using GitLab and I hope anyone can help me.

In our company we use Gitlab for software development and documentation.
But I have the following problem:
Every time I comment on a topic in a ticket, no notification email is sent to the other project members, even if I address them directly with @.
That is really strange because I get the notifications from other project members.
And others project members also get e-mails from other members.
Only when I sent a notification it doesn’t work…
Even if I add participants to an topic, there is no e-mail.
GitLab has been working fine for the last year but I’ve had this problem for a few weeks.

I have checked my noticication settings but it seems ok.
Can anyone help me with this problem?

Best regards,


Hey @PeterM, welcome to the forum :tada:

I would start by checking on your email notifications as there are options to configure global, group, or project-based permissions: Notification emails | GitLab and make sure everything looks good.

Hi @sugaroverflow,

thank you :grinning:

Yes I have checked my notification settings and I have switch all groups, projekts to “watch”.
Also my e-mail notification e-mail is correct.
But it doesn’t solve the problem.

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