Oauth application redirect uri


Why I need to include redirect_uri into access_token request url?

Here it explains you need to put it and I have tested - it is a mandatory and it needs to be exact same as callback url from Oauth Application. If you do not include it, you will get error “The redirect URI included is not valid.”
So why? There already is an application id in request url. It is pretty much enough to identify application correctly.
Same oauth flow in github and bitbucket does not require redirect uri to be included in url.

It is more of a suggestion for improvement than a question.

Hi I’m facing the “The redirect URI included is not valid” error even passing the redirect_uri in the request URL.
Any idea of what I’m missing?

For development purpose I tried with an Application set with redirect URL to a ngrok.io subdomain. Also tried with http://localhost.

Nevermind! I had a typo in my App Redirect URL setting.