Omnibus 12.10.2-ee install hangs when editing MR (502 error intermittent)


I was running 12.8-ee and was getting reports of 502’s and hanging when devs were trying to edit an MR. I was trying to search through logs using the information I had, but was unable to even find the errors in question, however using devtools in a browser I was able to see a POST 502 error.

Upgraded to 12.10.2-ee this morning and the issue still persists.

URL example:

If you select save it will just hang for a while. Sometimes it will load, sometimes you get a 502. But if you refresh or load the page without /edit you will see the changes have been made and are saved. When it does load, it takes a long time. (1-2 minutes).

Server is running on an m5.xlarge AWS instance and I don’t see any CPU/RAM performance issues.

After reading around, I saw a lot of people mention to change the unicorn worker settings. I changed the following, but the issue still persists after a reconfigure:

unicorn['worker_timeout'] = 300
unicorn['worker_processes'] = 7

It seems like the request is being sent as I see a status 200, but the return/refresh isn’t. I hope that makes sense.

Any ideas what else I can do to try to fix this or where I should be looking?

I’m not sure if this is the right place or format to post this in, so any guidance would be awesome as well.

It’d be nice if you provided some logs :thonk:
Nginx access,error logs, gitlab logs…

Make sure to remove all sensitive information before posting them!