Omnibus Edition Docker image still seems to be 13.9

I’m running GitLab CE Omnibus Edition under unRAID’s Docker setup, which uses the gitlab/gitlab-ce container. On the morning after that the 13.10 release blog post was made, I saw that it had updated. It currently says it is fully up-to-date.

However, when I click on the Help icon and choose What’s New, it tells me it’s running 13.9. This happens even after clearing browser cache and restarting the server (not as a debug step, but due to an unRAID update).

Trying to paste the following into the CI lint results in a fail, with type being unrecognised. This was added in 13.10, so it confirms the upgrade has not happened.

  - deploy-production

  interruptible: true
  stage: deploy-production
    name: production
    type: production
    - echo "do stuff"

Has the Docker image been correctly updated to 13.10? If so, why am I still getting 13.9 when it’s supposedly up-to-date?

Apparently there are two issues at play here:

  1. The “What’s New” update didn’t make it in time for the release. Going to /help confirms that I’m on 13.10.
  2. While the original release blog post used type:, it seems to have been edited and now says deployment_tier:, which does work.