Omnibus Installation Directory - move from /opt/gitlab

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I currently have Gitlab CE installed installed and it runs beautifully, Now i understand that omnibus uses a prescribed directory structure.

My problem is my /opt partitions on my dedicated server is small, so now i’m stuck and can’t upgrade.

Is there anyway i can move my /opt/gitlab directory to another partition?
If i move /opt/gitlab to a larger partition say /home/gitlab and sym linkto that to /opt, would that work?

FYI, i’m currently running self hosted 12.7.5

Ok basked on my readings this is actually possible, has anyone tried it?

So the theory here is that i can setup a /var/gitlab… and symlink it to /opt/gitlab and all will be well in the world…

Has anyone done this?

And how is it for upgrades?

You probably can’t change where GitLab is installed, but you can make certain directories symlink to places with more space. No programs should really care that you do that, so I suppose it’ll work, and upgrades should just work (I’ve had Debian systems with symlinks under /usr - because that had to little space - and upgrades on those just worked, so apt at least does work, I see no reason why other package managers shouldn’t).

I can confirm that moving the directly and re-pointing via a soft links worked like a charm.