Install omnibus package for CentOS7 on a specific directory

I have omnibus package installation rpm downloaded for CentOS7. When I’m trying to install it, its installing it in / filesystem by default. I want to install it in some different partition as / filesystem partition has quite a less space. Its giving me error as
“installing package gitlab-ce-13.6.3-ce.0.el7.x86_64 needs 1207MB on the / filesystem
installing package gitlab-ce-13.6.3-ce.0.el7.x86_64 needs 16809 inodes on the / filesystem”

It installs into /opt/gitlab and /var/opt/gitlab so maybe make separate mount points for these two directories and allocate enough disk space to make the installation complete successfully.

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I have limited space. I cannot add more space to any partition.
As I had space in /usr filesystem, hence I soft linked /usr/opt to /opt and installed gitlab in /usr filesystem.

But now I’m unable to access gitlab on browser thru external_url.
It says connection_timed_out

Any suggestions?

Symlinks can cause issues and dont always work. So until you have a server with sufficient disk space you are not going to be able to install it.

For additional info:

CPU I recommend you have at least 4 cores, at least 4GB memory, although 8GB would be better if you can do it.

/opt/gitlab on my installation has at least 2GB of space, it may increase in the future, so you need to make sure /opt has enough space, or / if you don’t want to create too many partitions. /var/opt/gitlab needs to be as much space as possible since this is where your repositories will be as well as postgresql database and other things relating to your installation of gitlab. An absolute minimum of 4GB for the beginning but this could be larger. So it depends what you will be doing with gitlab and how much data you expect to commit to repositories.

Of course, in the future, you can migrate to a new server when you run out of disk space.

For now, suggest reinstalling your existing server and make sure your partitions have enough space, or create a new server and install gitlab on that, also ensuring that partitions have enough space to install.