Opening settings/repository for one of our projects returns 500




Whoops, something went wrong on our end.

for a almost a week now from one of our projects in Settings > Repository.

Any suggestions what it might be?

Hi @fellu! :wave:

We’re certainly happy to help if we can, but additional details would really help us do that. For example: Are you using or hosting your own GitLab instance? Where, specifically is the repository in question located?



yes, it is located at, repository is “defiguard/nft-launcher”

Unfortunately, @fellu, I’m able to find a project by that name. :thinking:

Should be now visible to you!

Thanks, @fellu. Because you posted your request in the GitLab for Open Source forum, I was under the assumption that you were a public project participating in the GitLab for Open Source Program. Now I understand that’s not the case. I’m not quite certain what the issue might be here, but I will say that if you’re working on projects related to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining, then you may be running up against some of GitLab’s provisions to protect against some forms of abuse such projects tend to exploit.

Sorry I can’t be more help in this case.

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Ah, thanks!

The problem started when I was trying to setup a mirror repository. After I saved configurations for that, it started to produce error 500. Project have been up now for almost a year(?) without any problems, and not really directly related to “cryptocurrency”, so not sure if that might be the case. More like general python project really.