When trying to access my repository, I get Error 500!

When trying to access my repository, I get,

"Whoops, something went wrong on our end.

Try refreshing the page, or going back and attempting the action again.

Please contact your GitLab administrator if this problem persists."

I had no idea where to post this so here this is. :laughing:


I’ve got the exact same issue on one of my Repositories too.
Fetching the content over git works just fine.

Same issue here. I can open up all but 2 of my repos, one public and one private, both giving the same 500 error on the landing page. I also get the same 500 error on the public repo if I pull it up on a private browsing session not logged in. I did notice that I can still access the repo sub-pages (like /username/reponame/edit) if I load them directly.

FWIW I was also affected by 2021-09-03: Users getting 422 errors when trying to log in (#5473) · Issues · GitLab.com / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab so maybe they’re somehow related

see longer thread here about the issue Consistent 500 error from gitlab.com for one repository - now tracked at Project homepage not accessible (500 internal server error) (#340037) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

Now, all my projects are available again! :slight_smile: