Pages: Custom Domain: SSL: Something went wrong while obtaining the Let's Encrypt certificate

  • Not using Cloudflare or other stuff messing with the certificates.
  • The DNS is as requested, with an additional www cname to the root. This configuration works with other Let’s Encrypt bots.
  • GL pages is accessible over http. The page gives me 401: You don't have permission to access the resource.. It’s currently on a private repo, but I’m signed in, and the pages should be public anyways.
  • Domain verification status (Why is verification even needed, if I point a cname to you, obviously I control the domain.) is Verified.

Why isn’t Let’s Encrypt passing? This is on (Next), so I don’t have access to logs.


Exactly the same issue here.

I later found out the issue. For the SSL cert, you have to have a valid site deployed.

In some cases, you have to even re-add the domain (the text verification changes for some dumb reason!).

somebody remind me to search/make a new issue on gl-org/gl