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Im trying to use Pages on, as follows: 1 project as my homepage on a custom domain, accessible directly under the domain i set( + the www variant) then i also want to have all of my projects that support pages on a sub-URL, like this: However, i need those projects to be under a seperate repository, while one repo serves as the homepage, which is accessible at the domain root. Can i do that?

Yeah, that’s not supported yet. I thought there was an issue open, but couldn’t find anything in

I would like to use Gitlab Pages for a private repo which will have my company domain (ex. Is this possible with Pages or is there another Gitlab feature I can use? That is absolutely possible. This blog post contains an easy guide to follow to get started. Once you’re up and running you can learn more about using a custom domain here.

@Tristan Brilliant! Is this free? Yep!

@Tristan Great.
I’ll explain exactly what I want to achieve, so I know I am in the right direction. We are creating an Android library which we would distribute via gradle/jitpack com but only available to users who have access to our VPN. So our page would only be available via VPN same for the library project.

Not sure if I have communicated this well enough for you. Let me know if I need to explain this any better.

You’ll likely want to consider self-managed GitLab if this is a strict requirement for you since you won’t be able to host this from .com with a VPN involved.

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