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We are migrating from a self-hosted instance to Our objectives are to save costs, to have automatic scaling, to benefit from automated updates, and to reduce the time spent in maintenance.

While we feel confident that GitLab is the right product, we start to doubt if (thus, SaaS provided by GitLab Inc.) is the right choice: we frequently encounter performance issues like when browsing through projects using the web interface and even when pushing to repositories using git.

Are above issues characteristic for – or are they anomalies instead?

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yesterday, there was a rather big incident which affected nearly everything. In case you’re following @gitlabstatus, you may have seen this incident report:

Other than production issues which may happen in every environment, is very stable in my experience. The typical dev joke for xkcd 303 may apply here of course :wink:



You are totally right, suffering from a lot of incidents and problems, slow response all the time… and we are just 2 week working with the SaaS version and I deeply disappointed! I done a mistake taking our R&D to the .com version.

Going to a Self-Hosted version…

By the way… is down. sad…

The good thing is that you can run a self-hosted instance, either CE or EE. With GitHub, you can just wait and see. Or buy a closed source edition.

In terms of the downtimes - yes, it’s not optimal. On the other hand, the reaction times and responsiveness of the ops team is really good imho. You can even follow the incidents and analysis since everything is updated publicly. With later a post mortem being published where you can adopt things for your own business operations. That’s something where other SaaS vendors can learn quite a few things. Like, AWS region being down and no SLAs.

That being said, my full respect to those ensuring that is running and the entire fleet keeps operating. It’s not just a single GitLab application to operate in this regard.


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