Permission set to Maintainer on personal project?

Hi all,

My personal project has my member permission set as a “Maintainer.” I’m not sure why I’m not listed as an “Owner” (or is it “Admin”? I don’t remember) when I’m the only member of the project, which is understandable since it’s my project.

Why is this so? Also, this only occurs on one of my repository - the project which houses my GitLab Pages for my main website. Can this be the reason why the permissions is showing that way? All the others show up as “Owner” (or “Admin” if I got that wrong)

Any replies would be appreciated.

This happens to me too, @ideaman924.

I currently have two projects in GitLab. I’m “Owner” on one of them, but I’m “Maintainer” on the other one. Being the only member of this project, I should be the owner.

Any hints on what is going on? I wouldn’t like to lose ownership of my projects.


any help on this? i am facing the same issue as well

Also facing same issue

I imported a project from Bitbucket Cloud and had the same problem. I read that leaving the project solves the issue, but leaving is only available if the project is in a group. It tried to find how to transfer the project to a group, but the documentation has a link promising to tell you how to do that, but it doesn’t. But not all is lost, because there is an issue for that discrepancy in the doq, which gives you following link explaining how to transfer a project to a namespace.

I transferred the project into a namespace/group (been using GitLab for an hour, but the distinction between the two is not clear to me) and the role changed to owner.

All my projects are now showing up as Maintainer. This is getting ridiculous.

I just noticed, however, projects underneath a team that belong to you show up as “Owner.”

I am guessing this is a bug in GitLab. Can a developer look into this issue?

I have the same question. I created a personal project but it would only give me maintainer privileges. Not sure if anyone knows why. i dont see an answer to this problem.

This is how it’s implemented, not a “bug”, although I believe there is an issue about this ambiguity. The highest permission level of projects under a user is Maintainer, and under a group is Owner.

When you see Owner of a project, that shows that this user is basically Owner of the group.

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@axil I am owner of a Group, but only show up as Maintainer for one of the projects. My colleague shows up as owner for both the gruop and the project, but he can’t find an option to promote me to owner for the project. How can I become owner of the project?

Same issue here, I created a project under my name and then move it to a group I own with others. I only appear as “maintainer” of the project while the other “owners” of group show as “owners” of my project. Weird. This is a bug.