Pipeline fails w/ deploy key "due to the user not being verified"

I have a simple static website with a .gitlab-ci.yml for gitlab pages:

  stage: deploy
    - mkdir .public
    - cp -r * .public
    - mv .public public
    - rm -rf public/.codio
    - rm -rf public/.git
    - rm -rf public/.gitlab-ci.yml
    - rm -rf public/.studio
      - public
    - master

When I push the repository using a deploy key, it fails. There is no obvious error message until I mouse-over the “error” badge which shows The pipeline failed due to the user not being verified:

Why does it fail when using the deploy key? I can confirm the creator of the deploy key is the same user that created the repository.

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I just found out I need to “verify” the user that created the deploy key. The error message doesn’t give any info on how to do that, but once I tried logging in as that user and running the pipeline from the UI, and it gave me a more informative error message about how to verify.

For anyone else running into this:

  1. Log in as the user that created the deploy key
  2. Go to the project’s CI page
  3. Click “Run Pipeline”
  4. You should see an error with instructions on how to verify the account (you’ll need a credit card, but it won’t be charged)
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