Pipeline fail in project with no CI configuration

we’re receving a pipeline failed error (“The pipeline failed due to the user not being verified”) whenever a member of our staff (and only him) pushes something on a project that isn’t using any pipeline. No .gitlab-ci.yml exists in the repository.

The user has a valid, verified email:

Can anybody help me understand why this happens?



We have purchased 10x100=10k CI minutes & few of our users are getting error “The pipeline failed due to the user not being verified”

CC details are updated, we are buying CI min’s & associating it to Group,

All this happened after this was downgraded back to previous plan. old user’s are un effected however newly added user having this issues.

Please Help Us here

Same here, we have a new employee, with a new Gitlab User, and he is unable to trigger pipelines on push. We can not demand that the employee links a credit card to his account.

How can we solve this?

Same here

Same here with new member

We are also seeing this issue with just our newest member of the team.

Hi, we delivered a fix for this yesterday New users shouldn't get a failed pipeline warning without having a gitlab-ci.yml file (#331959) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab.

Please let us know if you are still having issues!

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The issue appears to have been solved. Thank you!

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I still have this issue.
We have an account for our business @ecomerciar, and we recently added a new team member, a new employee, and his pushes make the pipelines for the team projects fail. He is a verified user.